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Yes, they are expensive.... but so worth it when your fur baby is sick at midnight and you don't know what to do. The doc spoke to me kindly.... even as a hysterical cat lady crying over her sick kitten. The tech explained the procedures thoroughly. I hope I never have to come back, but not because the service, facility or staff. (Which were all great) Thanks again for helping my Molly.

-Autumn H.

Expect to pay an ER price BUT they didn't try to do a bunch of unnecessary things. It was very cut and dry and I appreciated that. When you have an animal brought to the ER you don't want to have to deal with debating which service is extra and which is necessary. This place handled everything very smoothly and kept both me and my dog chilled out.

-Danielle J.

Had to put my wife's grandpa’s dog down! It was really old!  They were kind and respectful! It was after midnight' I'm glad they were open! Staff was nice and courteous gave my wife plenty of time with the dog!

-Ivan S.

Very nice and helpful staff. I understand that emergency hospitals are 2x more expensive and they made it a point to give me options without me asking. The staff here helped my boy Benny as much as they could to keep him stable till the morning for his regular vet. Everything was clean and organized.

-Clarissa R.

The staff here was wonderful. My dog was very sick and everyone handled him with care and presented all options to us. They communicated with us every step of the way. My dog had to be put to sleep and although I was devastated, I felt staff was comforting and actually cared.

-Melissa S.

These people saved my puppy twice. First time was he got attacked by mom at 10 days old. They kept him alive... second visit was because he got an abscess on his head, where one of the bite marks had happened. The vet both times was super friendly. I can’t remember their names, but was 2 different vets for each visit. The vet tech on my second visit was a lady named Clare. And I'm telling you, she is top notch. I did come in here with my old dog, probably a year ago. And the vet that day was really awesome. I wish I had her name. I was there just to ask about quality of life, and to get a second opinion from what another vet had said. I was so happy with the services I have gotten every time. For people complaining about the price.....it’s not that expensive. They are an ER for a reason the price is expected to be a bit higher for the visit. But their services are amazing.

-Robyn R.

Took my dog up to this hospital to get him checked out early in the morning yesterday, he was throwing up constantly and had bloody diarrhea. The staff was VERY friendly and they took really good care of my baby boy. One of the nurses, Jessica L, even had a quick bond with him and loved him as if he was her own. He ended up staying overnight for the proper care that he needed. They took care of everything and were so very helpful. Thank you guys so much for helping me and my dog. Will return to this place if I ever have another issue with him. This visit was definitely worth my 5 stars.

-Kaitlin A.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the staff and veterinarians at Burleson Animal ER.  We've taken my tiny shih tzu (Kate) there twice - once on a late evening and recently on a Sunday Morning. In my eyes, they did everything possible to make sure that Kate was fully supported and got better. They would answer the phone at any hour when we called to check on her. Knowing that she was there gave my husband and me comfort. Jessica, one of her techs, was the BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!  Anyone that needs an animal ER should avoid all the others and go to Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital.

-Nicole P.

"I can't thank the staff here enough for doing everything possible to save my baby girl after she ate mouse poison. They got her back immediately, started treatment immediately and took their time to explain the treatment process as well as the prognosis. As others have said, it isn't a cheap place, but when it comes to our fur babies and needing after hours emergency care to save their lives, price isn't something I'm going to be upset about. It's no different at a 'people' ER. Thank you Burleson Animal Hospital for taking such good care of not only my baby girl, but of us as well! Dr. Monson and Dr. Andrews are amazing as is the entire staff!!"

-Allison K.

“Thank god for this place! Can't believe how awesome they are for anyone and everyone. Our pup had a spell that was out of the ordinary. his normal vet is in another city and we needed help immediately. Our vet recommended and praised Burleson Animal ER and even called ahead and told them we were coming and what was going on.”

-Kasey G.

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