How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween can be one of the most exciting and fun-filled holidays of the year, but for pets, it’s a bit scarier than you may think. Candy, costumes, candles, doorbells, and decorations may seem harmless to trick-or-treaters, but for furry family members, they can quickly turn into terrifying health hazards.

Here are five tips to keep your pets safe and healthy during the spookiest time of the year.

Hide The Treats From Prying Paws

Our emergency veterinarians will tell you horror stories of patients who become became severely ill after raiding the candy bowl. That’s because chocolate and xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in some candy) are toxic to dogs. The darker the chocolate, the more harmful it is, so keep candy well away from pets.

Put A Lid On Adult-Only Refreshments

Unfortunately, we also see spikes in alcohol and marijuana poisonings at Halloween, so keep spiked beverages and controlled substances in closed containers and out of reach to ward off snacking or sipping during unattended moments.

Halloween safety tip keeps pets inside

Decorate With Pets In Mind

Avoid stringy spider webs that could tempt curious cats, and place anything small enough to be chewed or swallowed high enough so devious dogs can’t find them.

Consider Costumes Carefully

Some people love including pets in the dress-up fun but choose wisely and with your pet’s comfort in mind. When costumes are too tight, tangled, or heavy, they also come with a risk of strangling or overheating your pet.  Make sure your pet can see, hear, and move easily.

Keep Pets Securely Inside

If your house is popular with trick-or-treaters and your door is opened and closed frequently, it’s easy for escape artist pets to slip outside. Unfortunately, cats – especially black ones – should avoid venturing out on Halloween, since they are often the victims of vicious attacks. Some dogs might also prefer a quiet spot away from the constantly ringing doorbell.

If your pet’s Halloween goes from spooky to scary, make sure you know where to go. Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital is open 24/7, including on Halloween, so save our phone number and address in your phone and call us if you think your pet is having a medical emergency.

Safe Pet Trick-Or-Treating at Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital 🎃

Stop by BAEH for pet safe trick-or-treating

Want to help ensure a safe and healthy howl-iday? Stop by our hospital the week of Halloween to pick up a veterinarian-approved Halloween treat bag for your pet. 

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