House Fire Victim Sleeps Outside to Keep His Dog

bo2-590x318Jeffrey “Boe” Sievers, 67, lost his home to a fire several months ago. He had no insurance and no savings to rebuild, but he refused to go to a shelter.


“You have to take care of your baby. He’s my baby. He’s a good baby,” Sievers told WYFF. (You can see the news story via this link.)

Sievers’ baby is his dog, Manse Jolly.

He told reporters he doesn’t mind sleeping outdoors, but worries about the upcoming winter.

“Cold don’t really bother me,” he said. “I don’t like to have to sit out in it without being able to move around.”

Siever’s neighbor, Christine Hiatt, has become so concerned about his well-being, she started a GoFundMe site entitled “Help Boe Rebuild His Home.”

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