Chained, Starving Pitties Rescued From Dog Fighting Farm


More than 30 dogs were rescued from an apparent training ground for illegal dog-fighting in Meriwether County on Friday. Photo: Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office.


When officers followed up on a call about a man walking a skinny pit bull on a heavy chain, NBC affiliate WXIA reported, they discovered a badly emaciated dog, its ribs and spine clearly visible through its skin. Follow-through allowed them to secure an arrest and search warrant on 52-year-old Sherman Holt’s Manchester, GA, home and what they discovered there was a horror show.

Out back flea-infested adults and two litters of puppies were living in deplorable condition.

One dog was chained to a treadmill, forced to walk. A large drum, filled with water, police presumed, served as another piece of “training” equipment where they were made to tread water.


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