Cat food recall

Multiple cat food companies have voluntarily recalled dozens of their products over concerns the pets could get sick from eating them. Certain cans of cat fold from 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty did not have the proper amount of thiamine, which is also known as Vitamin B1, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which announced the recall Tuesday.

The products affected were all distributed for retail between Dec. 20 and Tuesday. A full list of the canned cat food recalled follows below:


Meaty Pate Chicken and Tuna 13 oz.

Meaty Pate Seafood Platter 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate Seafood Platter, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate Super Supper 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate Super Supper, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate Super Supper 13 oz.

Meaty Pate with Chicken and Seafood, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate with Chicken Dinner 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate with Liver and Chicken, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate with Ocean Whitefish 5.5 oz.

Seafood Poultry Variety Pack 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate with Chicken & Tuna, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans


Mixed Grill Dinner 13 oz.

Special Kitty

Beef and Liver Dinner 13 oz.

Classic Tuna Dinner 13 oz.

Mixed Grill Dinner with printed wrap, 12 pack of 13 oz. cans

Mixed Grill Dinner without printed wrap 13 oz.

Super Supper 13 oz.

As of Wednesday morning, there was no information about parent company J.M. Smucker offering any refunds for the potentially affected cat food. Instead, the company instructed customers who purchased any of the above products to stop feeding their cats the food and to call 1-800-828-9980 or email [email protected]

Low levels of thiamine could result in a cat having symptoms ranging from a lack of an appetite to seizures. While thiamine deficiency can be serious for cats, it can be treated if detected early.

A separate recall of cat food was issued in June when products from the Rad Cat Raw Diet may have been contaminated with either Salmonella or Listeria, or both, the FDA announced at the time.

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