Blind 18-Year-Old Dog on Death Row Who Only Wanted Hugs Is Completely Loved Now

When you’re a blind, 18-year-old dog lost in a kill shelter, life is nothing short of terrifying.  Poor Muneca was exactly there recently, and didn’t seem like she really had anything left to hold on to.  That is until one person came along and picked her up to comfort her, and Muneca just couldn’t let go.

A photograph of Muneca and longtime volunteer and friend to the animals at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles, Elaine Seamans, was taken recently by John Hwang.  He arrived at the shelter to take some photos and he walked in on the now famous hug.

“When I got to the shelter, Elaine was already holding the dog,” said Hwang to The Dodo.  “The dog was clinging on to her.”

The photo was taken, and then put out on social media.  It isn’t very difficult to see why this photo went almost immediately viral.  However, it isn’t just the photo that is so amazing.  What’s truly awesome is that the photo moved so many people, and helped get Muneca OFF of death row!

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